Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

There are various ways to clean a carpet. Carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning are two of the best and most common methods to clean a carpet. Carpet cleaning is an important aspect to prolong its lifespan and maintain its beauty and quality. There is a huge difference between carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning. Read the blog to know more about carpet steam cleaning vs dry cleaning. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning  Service

Here Is What You Should Know About Carpet Steam Cleaning Vs Dry Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning- 

This is one of the best carpet cleaning methods. In this method, steam mixed with detergent is used to clean dirt, moulds, germs, odours and stains from the carpets. The complete operation is done with the help of a steam cleaning machine. Like every cleaning method, there are also advantages and disadvantages of carpet steam cleaning. But before that, you should know the process of carpet steam cleaning. 

  • Process of Carpet Steam Cleaning- 
  • You should first use a vacuum cleaner and clean the carpet from all the corners thoroughly. This will help in removing the excess dust and dirt from the mattress. 
  • Apply chemical spray all over the carpet thoroughly. This will help in eliminating the pests and germs from the carpets.
  • Apply high-pressure water into the carpets for thorough cleaning of the dirt and chemicals. By this, you will not only remove the chemicals but also the stains and germs with it.
  • Use a high-pressure vacuum to remove all the water from the carpets. Normal vacuums will not be able to remove all the water from the carpet thoroughly. High-pressure vacuums remove complete water from the carpets. 
  • Dry the carpet properly before the use

Advantages and disadvantages will thoroughly guide you about Carpet Steam Cleaning vs Dry Cleaning. 

  • Advantages- 
  • Removes deep spots and stains from the carpets. 
  • Kills bacteria completely
  • This process doesn’t require any harsh chemicals.
  • Better than all other methods used for carpet cleaning.
  • No residues are left after cleaning the carpet. 
  • Disadvantages- 
  • It makes the carpet wetter than other cleaning methods.
  • It will take around 4 to 8 hours to dry the carpet if not done professionally.
  • Furniture should be kept away until the carpet dries up.
  • Cleaning costs are higher than other cleaning methods. 

Carpet Dry Cleaning- 

In this cleaning method, dry cleaning powder is used for cleaning stains and spots from the carpets. It takes less water and less time to dry when compared to other cleaning methods. The stain removal absorbent is used for cleaning in which the absorbent is spread on the carpets by sprinkling or by a machine. 

  • Process Of Carpet Dry Cleaning- 
  • Vacuuming the carpet is the main process before starting the cleaning process to remove the excess dirt and dust from the carpet surface.
  • Pretreating the stains is also important sometimes to remove them thoroughly. 
  • Applying the dry chemical powder on the stains thoroughly using a machine or sprinkling it by hand. Let it settle.
  • Wait for some time until the chemical powder absorbs the stains from the carpets.
  • Later vacuum once again to remove the powder from the carpet. This will not only remove the powder but will also remove the stains from the inside. 
  • Advantages Of Carpet Dry Cleaning- 
  • Time taken for carpet dry cleaning is less when compared to all other carpet cleaning methods. It can be dried completely within 1 to 2 hours after cleaning the carpets. 
  • This method is easy and best for cleaning high-traffic areas as it takes less time than other cleaning methods. 
  • This is a good cleaning method for stubborn stains such as oily and greasy stains. 
  • Disadvantages Of Carpet Dry Cleaning- 
  • This method requires chemicals for cleaning. The more chemicals you use there are more chances of damaging the carpets and also causing many health issues. 
  • Can form residues that can be hard to remove and can break down the fibres of your carpets. 
  • It may not provide you with deep cleaning of the carpets. This will not clean all the stains and spots on the carpet. 
  • It might cause allergies in people that are allergic to some of the chemicals used in the powders.


Both carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning are useful methods but it depends on the problem which method is more suitable. For any kind of carpet cleaning service, you can hire professional cleaners to get the best result. They will provide the best steam and dry cleaning services. The products used by professionals do not contain any harmful chemicals. These products are safe for carpets and do not cause any harm to humans as well. There are various companies that offer carpet steam and dry cleaning services. Make sure to compare every company before hiring. If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Australia, you can go with City Carpet Cleaning. We have all the answers to your doubts about carpet steam cleaning vs dry cleaning. We offer top-class carpet steam and dry cleaning services at low prices. So, you can get in touch with us for complete services related to carpet cleaning.