How To Clean A Sofa

Cleaning a sofa is not a big deal if you know the techniques and tips. There are several reasons why you need to learn about how to clean a sofa. Some of the common reasons are to prolong its lifespan and to protect you and your family from diseases. A dirty sofa can cause a lot of deadly diseases such as respiratory disorders and allergies related to other organs too. 

There are many types of stains on the sofas. Some can be removed by regular cleaning and some will require deep cleaning of the sofa. You can also hire professional cleaners once in a while to get effective and proper cleaning of the sofas. Read the blog thoroughly to get complete information on how to clean a sofa. 

How To Clean A Sofa

Benefits Of Cleaning A Sofa- 

Before going through the steps to clean the sofas let’s begin with the benefits of cleaning a sofa. 

  • Regular cleaning prolongs the lifespan of the sofa.
  • It gives a better look to the sofas as well as the house.
  • Regular cleaning helps in preventing diseases related to respiration and other allergies.
  • It saves a lot of money as you won’t require to buy a new one if you maintain it. 
  • Regular cleaning helps in maintaining the environment clean
  • Regular cleaning helps in removing all the stubborn stains from the sofas.

How To Clean A Sofa- 

1. Understand The Fabric Of The Sofa- Before cleaning a sofa it is very important to understand the basics and the fabric out of which the sofa is made. There are a variety of fabrics out of which a sofa can be made such as linen, leather, cotton, polyester and various other fabrics.

  • A leather couch is easy to clean but you must be aware you don’t use much water to clean the couch as it can damage the couch. You must just wipe it to remove dust and stains.
  • A velvet couch can catch a lot of dust so clean it with soft detergents. 
  • Cotton can shrink while using much water so it is recommended to go for dry cleaning. 

2. Read The Manufacturer’s Instructions- Usually, many manufacturers provide information and tips to clean their sofas. They know better about their fabric and ways to clean them. So it is important to read the instructions carefully before cleaning the sofas. 

3. Remove Dust With The Help Of A Vacuum Cleaner- To clean a sofa thoroughly you must first remove the excess dirt from its surface. To remove the excess dirt you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner or you can also use the larger vacuum cleaner. Try to get rid of all the excess dirt and dust from the surface of the sofas. This step is very important to clean a sofa. 

4. Use Baking Soda For Cleaning- One of the most commonly used homemade remedies to clean a sofa is baking powder. It not only removes the odour from the sofas but also loosens the stains and makes it easy to remove them from the couches. 

  • Just sprinkle the baking soda all over the sofa thoroughly. Make sure you cover all the parts of the sofas.
  • Let it sit for more than 30 minutes and absorb all the stains and odours from the sofas. 
  • Once it absorbs the stains and the odour use a vacuum cleaner and remove it thoroughly from all the corners. 

5. Clean With Recommended Agent- There are different agents for cleaning different types of fabrics and materials. You can find them on the manufacturer’s guide and clean them accordingly. There are two types of cleaners, one is water-based and the other is solvent based. Make sure you check the agent on one corner before using it to clean in the middle as it may result in discolouration and damage to the sofa too. 

6. Dry Your Sofa Using A Soft Towel- Once you clean the sofa using the cleaning solution, make sure you dry it using a towel. This will help in removing the excess solution and water from the fabric. 

7. Air Dry Your Sofa- Once the sofa is dried using a soft towel, air dry it using a dryer or you can also dry it naturally. Once it gets dried up you can place it back in its position. 

Hire Professional Cleaners- Save Your Sofa

To get the desired results for cleaning and removing stains from the sofas it is important to get them cleaned by professional cleaners once in a while. Experts have the ability to clean all types of stains and they use the right techniques and methods for the right fabric. You can hire professional sofa cleaners from City Carpet Cleaning Sydney. We offer all kind services for Upholstery cleaning Sydney at reasonable prices across Sydney. We have the best sofa cleaning team well equipped with the best tools. The products they use are high-quality products. Hire them now by giving a call on 02 3814 2793.