How To Get Rid Of Shower Curtain Mould And Mildew 

Do You Know How To Deal With The Mildew And Mould Growth On Shower Curtains? 

A shower curtain is a crucial bathroom accessory that serves a number of purposes including privacy, preventing water from spilling beyond the shower or bathtub and aesthetic purposes. But because bathrooms have poor ventilation and a lot of moisture; mildew may readily start to develop on them. It gives them a musty smell and an unsightly appearance. If you don’t have a shower curtain that is mould-resistant, you must’ve definitely come across unsightly pink or black stains on it. This occurs because mould and mildew develop when fungal spores from the air land on the buildup of dampness on your shower curtain. Dealing with them on a regular basis can be a task. But with certain home remedies, you can get rid of mould and mildew. Our guide will help you understand how to get rid of shower curtain mould and mildew. 

How to deal with Curtain Mould And Mildew
How to deal with Curtain Mould And Mildew

How To Tackle The Mould And Mildew Growth On The Shower Curtains? 

While there are various cleaning agents available that can aid in getting rid of the mould; and thus remove the odour from your shower curtain, many of them involve harsh chemicals. In order to remove pinkish mildew and black mould, you can create your own cleaning solution. By using more natural ingredients found around the house. Both plastic and cotton shower curtains are susceptible to the rapid appearance and reproduction of these fungal spores. They are most prone to gather under the shower curtain’s deep, black folds. Here there is little chance of drying in the presence of the air. Follow the following advice on how to get rid of shower curtain mould and mildew; if you want to maintain high standards of cleanliness and a fresh-smelling atmosphere! 

Using A Solvent Of Peroxide, Baking Soda And Water

  • Hydrogen peroxide, a common home disinfectant, and baking soda, which is renowned for its ability to absorb odours, work well to remove mildew from shower curtains and liners.
  • The above solvents can be applied to different surfaces and are cost-effective. Sodium bicarbonate is a good scrubber that leaves no scratches behind while absorbing smells, whereas hydrogen peroxide is a disinfectant since it destroys yeasts, germs, viruses, and mould spores.


Combine two parts of hydrogen peroxide with one part of water. To remove dirt, residue, and mould from your mouldy shower curtain, spray this solution all over it and let it sit for up to ten minutes. After that, rinse it with clean water and cover it with a baking soda paste (a mixture of baking soda with a few tablespoons of water). This combination may be used to scrub the curtain to help get rid of musty odours and mould stains. 

Formulation Of Vinegar, Baking Soda, And Water 

  • The well-known vinegar-baking soda mixture, a general-purpose natural cleaning remedy, will always work if you’re having difficulty figuring out how to naturally remove mould from a shower curtain. 
  • When these two substances are combined, a gas called carbon dioxide is released, which aids in removing grime from surfaces. 
  • Additionally, vinegar disinfects while baking soda deodorises, ensuring that the surfaces you are cleaning are not only clean but also sterile and fragrant.


To secure your skin, put on a pair of gloves first. Spray your curtain with a solution made of one part water and one part vinegar, spread it out evenly so there are no bunches, and then apply the solution with a towel to the whole surface.

Apply baking soda with a brush over the mouldy area to make it easier to clean the areas. When finished, give the curtain a freshwater rinse before hanging it up to dry.

Using A Solution Of Bleach, Water, And Detergent Mixture 

  • Bleach will aid when your shower curtain has a mildew odour. It is a potent disinfectant that eliminates microorganisms that cause odours, leaving your bathroom smelling clean and fresh once again.


Remove the shower curtain and place it in the warm water-filled tub along with a couple of bleach capsules. 15 minutes is the maximum time you should let it rest before changing the water to lukewarm soapy water. To get rid of the strong bleach smell, let it sit in this combination for 10 minutes. Then, wash it with clean water, blow it out, and hang it up for drying. 

By Soaking In Salt Water Solution To Avoid Mildew 

  • You choose to prevent mildewing as much as you can after cleaning your shower curtain. The good part is that you can do it all organically with salt; another item in your kitchen cabinet, instead of spending a fortune on products that include chemicals.

Procedure: Put the curtain in the tub for 30 minutes after adding two cups of salt and stirring them until they are completely dissolved. Later to air dry, just drain the water and hang it with the backup without rinsing it. 

Since salt water produces a coating on the fabric, making it more resistant to mildew formation, many housekeeping experts employ this method as a preventative strategy to keep mould and mildew at bay.


By following this guide, you can get a clear idea of how to get rid of shower curtain mould and mildew. Since shower curtains come in many shapes and sizes; people use a plastic shower curtain liner in between their beautiful fabric shower curtain and their plastic or fabric one. 

You may also wash your shower curtain in your washing machine to clean it up, depending on what type of fabric it is made of. To do this, be sure to use the combinations mentioned above to spot-treat any visible mould. And always refer to the label’s directions to ensure that you are using the proper temperature and directions. You can hire City carpet cleaning Sydney company for best services of Curtain cleaning in Sydney and more locations at an affordable rate.

The presence of mould in your house is not only an aesthetic problem; it also contributes to the stinky odour in the bathroom and may be harmful to your immune and respiratory systems. Therefore, you should include deep cleaning your bathroom, including the curtains and other coverings like bathroom mats, to your monthly to-do list. 

In addition, take into account the cleaning strategies listed above as soon as your shower curtain begins to smell musty. Even if there are no apparent signs of mould, taking care in advance is a must.